Who are We

Who Are We

ForceTech (FT) Hydraulic Systems is widely accepted in the various sectors Marine, Oil Fields Heavy Duty Fabrication Yards, Shipyards, Construction sites, Foundation Testing Services, Bridge Augments, Petrochemicals. <br>Our Corporate Office in UK operated through various distributors and partners with network to reach globally

Our Dedication to supply accurate products and product extended services to our customers<br>
After the sales we keep customer relationship through out applications.


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  1. Industry Presence: ForceTech Hydraulic Systems is a company that has established a strong presence in multiple sectors, including Marine, Oil Fields, Heavy Duty Fabrication Yards, Shipyards, Construction sites, Foundation Testing Services, Bridge Augments, and Petrochemicals. This indicates that the company’s hydraulic systems find applications in a diverse range of industries.

  2. Global Reach: The company operates its corporate office in the UK and utilizes a network of distributors and partners to expand its reach globally. This means that ForceTech has a well-organized distribution system that helps them supply their products and services to customers worldwide.

  3. Product Accuracy: One of the key values of ForceTech is its dedication to supplying accurate products. This suggests that they prioritize product quality and precision, ensuring that their hydraulic systems meet the required standards and specifications.

  4. Extended Services: In addition to providing hydraulic products, ForceTech also offers extended services related to their products. This may include technical support, maintenance, and repair services, ensuring that customers receive comprehensive assistance throughout the lifecycle of their hydraulic systems.

  5. Customer Relationship: ForceTech emphasizes the importance of maintaining a strong customer relationship after the sales are made. This indicates that they value customer satisfaction and are committed to engaging with their customers beyond the point of purchase. The aim is likely to address any concerns, provide ongoing support, and build long-term partnerships with clients.

Overall, ForceTech Hydraulic Systems seems to be a reputable company with a wide range of applications in various sectors, a global distribution network, a focus on product accuracy, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.



Wide rage of hydraulic Cylinders



We Specialized in Hydraulic Other Systems

Welcome to Forcetech

FORCETECH(FT) Hydraulic Systems

The demands of industry during construction, production, breakdown and routine shutdown repair and maintenance. In addition to 2,000 standard products, the engineering and design team is also able to develop custom designed hydraulic tools to meet the exacting and specific requirements of end users.

Outstanding Quality products, we are using regularly. There is now maintenance at all

Mr. J.D. Bhardwaj Director

If you are looking for “Hydraulic Cylinders or Static Pile Testing Jacks” you can’t miss this Forcetech.

Mr. Mark M. Salman Owner - Al Salama Group

I took a chance when I bought it, as nowhere does it say the size of the FT hydraulic cylinder that does the work.

Ms. Rose CEO

We are very satisfied with this product. You saved a lot of money and this works as expected. The quality for the price can’t be beat.

Mr.Alex Director